Dot Net Technologies

The Microsoft .NET platform is the key framework for application deployment on Microsoft Windows Server environment. It is a powerful framework that is designed to reduce time to develop complex web applications

The .NET is the technology from Microsoft, on which all other Microsoft technologies will be depending on in future. It is a major technology change, introduced by Microsoft, to catch the market from the SUN's Java. Few years back, Microsoft had only VC++ and VB to compete with Java, but Java was catching the market very fast. With the world depending more and more on the Internet/ Web and java related tools becoming the best choice for the web applications, Microsoft seemed to be losing the battle. Thousands of programmers moved to java from VC++ and VB. To recover the .market, .Microsoft announced .NET.

We have been providing training in Microsoft .NET technology almost from its release by Microsoft. We have extensive experience in .NET Development Technologies like, and C#.

Key components of the overall .NET platform include the following:

.NET Framework— The core of the platform, providing key services for application development, deployment, and execution.

.NET Compact Framework for Smart Devices— A subset of the .NET Framework targeted for Smart Devices such as PDAs and mobile phones.

Visual Studio .NET— An integrated set of tools for developing applications and components using the .NET Framework.

Zero Deploy Smart Client Application— A new programming model allowing rich (also known as “thick”) clients to be easily deployed and managed in a secure fashion, providing an enhanced user interface to clients.

Microsoft Office System— Works together with the Smart Client Application model to provide key document processing, analytics, and electronic forms capability.

Prepackaged XML Web services— A set of standards-based hosted Web services providing prepackaged functionality that can be integrated into existing and new applications.

Enterprise Servers— A core server-side infrastructure for deploying and managing either custom-developed applications or pre-packaged functionality.

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