Advanced Java

J2EE is a framework that defines the standard for developing multi-tier enterprise applications. It simplifies enterprise applications by basing them on standardized, modular components, and it provides a complete set of services to those components. Introduction to Object/relational mapping framework for enabling transparent POJO persistence and build persistent objects using common OO programming concepts. Allows developers focus on domain object modelling not the persistence plumbing. Sophisticated query facilities.

Mapping Java classes to database tables is accomplished through the configuration of an XML file or by using Java Annotations. When using an XML file, Hibernate can generate skeleton source code for the persistence classes. This is unnecessary when annotations are used. Hibernate can use the XML file or the annotations to maintain the database schema. Facilities to arrange one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between classes are provided. In addition to managing associations between objects, Hibernate can also manage reflexive associations where an object has a one-to-many relationship with other instances of its own type.


Hibernate is a very powerful aspect of advanced JAVA which brings about the maps the Object Oriented features of JAVA with relational model. This course would train you to design application using Hibernate concepts, learn and understand the use of important Hibernate capabilities, and its strengths.

The Java Hibernate gives the participant in-depth coverage and lots of practical exercises to understand the technology and make the best use of it in real time situations. The course is designed by our experts who have mastered the technology. The consultants teaching the courses have hands on experience on this technology.


Struts2 is popular and mature web application framework based on the MVC design pattern. Struts2 is not just the next version of Struts 1, but it is a complete rewrite of the Struts architecture.

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