Core Java

Java is a very powerful object oriented, high level, robust, secured programming language used world over for developing variety of applications. Students pursuing a course on Java have plenty of career options such as take up job as Java programmer, proceed for Sun Java Certification exams and/or learn advanced Java technologies.

Types of Java Applications

There are mainly 4 types of applications that can be created using java programming:

1. Standalone Application

It is also known as desktop application or window-based application. An application that we need to install on every machine such as media player, antivirus etc. AWT and Swing are used in java for creating standalone applications.

2. Web Application

An application that runs on the server side and creates dynamic page, is called web application. Currently, Servlet, Jsp, Struts, etc. technologies are used for creating web applications in java.

3. Enterprise Application

An application that is distributed in nature, such as banking applications etc. It has the advantage of high level security, load balancing and clustering. In java, EJB is used for creating enterprise applications.

4. Mobile Application

An application that is created for mobile devices. Currently Android and Java ME are used for creating mobile applications.

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