Rules & Regulations

1. Laundry

One of the striking features of PRINCESS’ COTTAGE is its Laundry Facility, which is a complimentary service for the boarders. Laundry person comes to the hostel once every week to collect the dirty cloth. Within a span of one week, he returns with all cleaned and ironed cloth, ready to wear.

Please do not hand over your expensive garments containing heavy work.

Boarders are not supposed to give winter wears, blankets and sarees. If at all you give any of the above, extra amount will be charged for the same.

Please set apart the garments that shed colour in order to prevent damage to other cloth.

Dry Wash facility is available on extra charge paid by the boarder.

Boarders are advised to collect their cloth immediately after the indication by the hostel staff.

Neither hostel authority nor the hostel superintendent is responsible for the loss / damage of cloth.

For any loss/damage boarder herself has to settle down the matter with the laundry personal. If the laundry personal agrees for any compensation, you need to take it in writing from them.

2. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a complimentary service for the boarders. Wi-Fi is provided to you for browsing, to help in your study.

Tampering/resetting the modem/router is punishable.

In case of failure of Wi-Fi, boarder herself can lodge a complaint to the service provider.

To lodge the complaint pleases call at +91 9776091111

After lodging a complaint probably the problem will be rectified within 24hrs.

Wi-fi Connection Detail
Room No Customer ID
101-105 800266
201-205 800265
301-306 800270
401-405 801192
501-506 800268
601-605 801193
3. Medical Assistance

Any illness should be immediately brought into the knowledge of the hostel superintendent. According to the situation or condition of the patient, warden will either call upon the doctor or take her to the nearby hospital. Also she will inform boarder’s parent / LG.

If needed, the hostel warden will make suitable arrangement for getting the medicines.

In case of serious illness, warden will accompany the patient to the nearby hospital.

Hostel warden will make arrangements for the initial deposit, if required, when the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. This money should be returned within one week.

All expenses related to conveyance in this context are to be paid by the boarder.

All expenses incurred during the treatment in the hospital are to be borne by the boarder.

All medicines/injections are to be purchased by the boarder.

It is advised that boarder suffering from serious contagious disease like pox, measles etc should go to her home for the treatment.

4. Entry Time
Month Upper Limit
March-September 09:00 PM
October-Februrary 08:30 PM

In case of delayed arrival of the boarder, she will be allowed to go to her room only after the verbal permission of her parent.

In such cases, the parents are advised to call at Superintendent’s Mobile Number by their registered telephone numbers only.

The entry time can be extended for the boarders who have genuine reason to stay outside late in the evening such as private coaching or tutorial classes.

For the extension in the entry time, the boarder must obtain permission from her parents and certificate from the Institution. The format of both the letters are given in this Information bulletin.

After the verification of the applications, the boarder will be issued a special “Late Entry Pass” for the specified period. Only after presenting it, the boarder will be allowed to enter the hostel after the regular entry time.

All the boarders must register their In/Out time in the register that is available at the security guard’s desk.

5. Vacations / Holidays

Each boarder should pack her luggage and hand it over to the hostel warden before going for the summer break.

The keys of the respective rooms should be submitted to the warden before leaving the hostel premises.

PRINCESS’ COTTAGE is not responsible for the safety and security of the boarder once she leaves the hostel premises.

Boarder, when coming back from her home / LG’s home, should bring REJOIN FORM duly signed by her parent/LG stating the date and time of her departure and expected date and time of reaching to the hostel.

Boarders who enroll themselves for any summer training or vocational training will be allowed to stay during the vacation for which they have to submit a copy of their admission form related to the training.

6. General Rules and Regulations

Attendance of the boarders will be taken at 9.00 PM to 9.30 PM during which they are advised to remain present in their respective rooms.

Boarders are expected to be in their rooms other than any valid reasons without prior permission.

The boarders may be allowed to go outside at their own risk and the Hostel authorities are not liable for any incidents during their stay outside the hostel.

The boarders may be allowed to go to their residence after submitting an application duly countersigned by the guardian clearly indicating the purpose of visit, period of stay etc.

The hostel warden after being satisfied with the purpose of the visit has to approve the application and unless the same is approved, the boarder cannot go out of the hostel.

While coming back from their residence after the expiry of leave, they should obtain one letter from the Guardian/Father/L.G, stating the time and date of their arrival at home and the time and date they left their home for the hostel. The format of the letter is given in this prospectus.

All types of intoxications are strictly prohibited inside the hostel.

The warden is not responsible for any type of accident or hazard occurred to the boarders inside or outside the hostel.

If any boarder wants to study after 12.00 midnight or before 5.00 AM, she will use her own table lamp for reading purpose.

In case of any emergency, the warden may give a short notice to the boarders to vacate the hostel.

Hostel authority has right to shift the boarder to another room if situation demands so.

Boarders are allowed to keep their two wheelers that should be parked within the campus in the specified area. A copy of driving license should be submitted beforehand.

Boarders should report to the hostel warden in case of any complain / problem. They may write an application and submit to her in order to reach to the higher authority.

The boarder is responsible for safe keeping of her belongings inside the hostel.

Neither the authority nor the warden is responsible for the loss / damage of any belongings of the boarders.

The Hostel authority/superintendent has got the right to open any locked room and search at any time without any notice to the boarders or assigning any reason thereof.

Using heater, iron and other electrical appliances are strictly banned in the hostel.

Guests/Friends are not allowed to stay in the hostel without prior permission

Hostel authority has rights to stop/resume complimentary services at anytime without prior notice.

7. Breach of Regulations

Absence from the hostel without leave application and prior permission.

Lack of cleanliness and tidiness in the room.

Spitting in room, verandah and any other area which shall affect the cleanliness of the hostel.

Misuse of energy, tampering with study table, computer, laptop and other belonging in the room.

Writing and disfiguring the walls doors windows or any part of the hostel.

Misbehavior with any boarder or staff of the hostel.

Allowing any outsider / guest to enter the hostel without due permission of the warden.

Damaging any property of the hostel.

Disrupting silence during study hour.

Creating noise in room.

Forming groups, unions, holding any meeting without permission.

Throwing away dirt or articles outside the window.

Sitting on the roof railing.

Tearing of the newspaper or magazines.

Cooking inside rooms.

8. Penalties and Fines
Sl. No. Breach of Rules Fine Amount
8.1 Late entry without prior permission. Rs. 50/-
8.2 Allowing any guest overnight without prior permission. Rs. 500/-
8.3 Going outside / coming inside without proper entry. Rs. 50/-
8.4 Misbehaving with staff members Rs. 500/-
8.5 Meeting without involvement of management. Rs. 500/-
8.6 Celebrations without any prior permission. Rs. 100/-
8.7 Putting plates / eatables outside the garbage bin. Rs. 100/-
8.8 Keeping room dirty (Fine to the concerned boarder) Rs. 200/-
8.9 Throwing dirt outside the window. Rs. 50/-
8.10 Misuse of electricity. Rs. 200/-
8.11 Sitting on the roof railing. Rs. 100/-
8.12 Using iron, immersion rod, heate. Rs. 200/-
8.13 Consuming alcohol or smoking inside the hostel. Rs. 5000/-

The above penalties will be imposed immediately when any boarder is found to be guilty. The copy of the fine detail will be mailed to the parents of the concerned boarder.